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Dear teachers,
I am getting home from study mission in HCM. Now I am back and would like to join one of your advance English classes. Would it be convenient for me to join as a young intern so that i can make my own consideration for which class I want to learn at...?
I have heard that F-HOPE is a great destination to learn English in Dalat...!
Hopefully, I may join your center!
The pen (Hùynh Trúc Bảo Ngọc)
Người tạo : the pen
Email : gettingtomydream@yahoo.com
Ngày tạo : 6/8/2011

Email: huyhn@dlu.edu.vn (Mr. HUY )

Well, Trúc!
You actually make me a very big impression with your beautiful English! 
I think that you may try several classes so that you can consider which class is most suitable with your own desire! 
Thanks for giving us a great compliment to F-HOPE!  
Ngày thảo luận: 08/06/2011 -- 04:27

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